Swaales in Activities

SWAALES role has also been significant in supporting the communities with skills and strategies to address OVC’s emotional wellbeing and recovery from trauma through introduction and the continued support of the Kids club platform. Achievements have further been observed in supporting children and their caregivers to access health care services. Particularly ART services which were found critical for most of the children in SWAALES programs. SWAALES and the community monitors supported the referrals and linkages with service providers.

Most Importantly, SWAALES achievements were marked in its support for household economic mainstay: Supporting the household’s capacity to identify and implement the means through which the families can survive in the long run. To that effect, the tangible support has included trainings on SMME and direct material support and the pilot of the savings led approach to microfinance (WORTH Model) which successes abound in testimony of families which are enabled to meet their individual needs.