Psychosocial teen clubs

Psychosocial teen clubs entail Aflatoun and Aflateen ( Social assets building). In these clubs the age limit starts from 9 to 17 years of age. SWAALES as the organization has successfully implemented these clubs in five districts of Lesotho, namely Maseru, Mohale’s hoek, Qacha’s Nek, Thaba-tseka and Butha-Buthe. These groups have been functional since 2014 […]

Programs and Focus

SWAALES currently has a membership over 300 Women and Men across the five districts of which most are women that carry out volunteer work in their respective communities. Its programs include provision of support to vulnerable children with services such as, nutritional support, psychosocial support, health care referrals, economic strengthening, education, legal support. The organization […]

Swaales in Activities

SWAALES role has also been significant in supporting the communities with skills and strategies to address OVC’s emotional wellbeing and recovery from trauma through introduction and the continued support of the Kids club platform. Achievements have further been observed in supporting children and their caregivers to access health care services. Particularly ART services which were […]

listeriosis outbreak

The South Africa listeria outbreak that has killed 180 people since January is the largest ever recorded globally, the World Health Organization said on Monday.”Yes, this is the largest ever recorded outbreak of this severe form of listeriosis globally,” Peter K. Ben Embarek, who manages the WHO International Food Safety Authorities Network, told Reuters in […]